Fleishman Instruments
Unique, Handmade Guitars, Basses
and Electric Upright Basses since 1969

Geo Blue electric
birdseye maple,
blue dye,
pushbutton pickup control,
side recessed
volume and tone
The Compact Acoustic Big Bass
Curly maple and ebony with a Sitka top, back comfort scallops,
a side port and tone slot.
This bass holds its own with a full acoustic band and has the tone
of an upright bass.
(facing) Asymmetric Morning Glory 
(back) Jumbo Brazilian acoustic
Both guitars are of salvaged woods, including redwood and spruce tops and Brazilian Rosewood backs cut from a coffee table made in 1954.
     Red Rocket bowable electric upright 
curly maple and ebony
with RMC piezo pickups
 and Bartolini magnetics
The floating arm simulates
the feel of the upper bout.

A sneak peek at a few instruments.  Use the buttons for a deeper look.