Fleishman Instruments
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and Electric Upright Basses since 1969

Free-Range Guitars​​

Located at 200 South Main Street, in Sebastopol, California, Free-Range Guitars has become a destination for guitar lovers.  Harry Fleishman's handmade guitars and basses are joined by vintage instruments and amplfiers in a relaxed, fun, and educational setting.
Sebastopol, a small town in the famous Sonoma County wine area, is a great getaway and a lovely place to live.
Come visit and play some great guitars, basses and amps. 
     I have just opened Free-Range Guitars, my first workshop and guitar shop combination.  I will spend most of my time designing and building custom acoustic and electric guitars, basses, and amps.

     I will also be selling instruments made by my friends, some of the best, most sought after, luthiers in the world.

     Free-Range Guitars will also offer vintage guitars and amplifiers.  I will try to only offer the coolest, most interesting, best sounding, and weirdest used equipment.

     If you would like to consign something interesting and fun, please feel free to contact me.  I will consign for luthiers' instruments at 15%, and for others only 20%.