Fleishman Instruments
Unique, Handmade Guitars, Basses
and Electric Upright Basses since 1969

Here are a few examples of my acoustic guitars from the last 40 years.  I have enjoyed bulding steel string, as well as nylon strung guitars.  
Please keep in mind that my guitaras are each unique; I do not have models. These pictures are meant as inspiration for you to think about what will fulfill your desires.

Steel String Acoustics

The Sandberg
Originally built for Larry Sandberg, the fine fingerstyle guitarist and educator.
Named by Donnie Wade, luthier, afficianado, musician, friend, and guitar connoisseur
3 Asymm Acoustics
Asymmetric Acoustic Steel Strings 

Classical Guitars and Modern Nylon Strung Acoustics

Modern Classical
Peghead, with locking tuners
Tuners autolock as you bring string up to tension; solid peghead avoids both weakness and stringing difficulty; titanium and carbon fiber trussrod allows minute adjustments and light weight
Concert Asymmetric Classical Guitar
  Brazilian Rosewood from a bookshelf made in 1957, and a half-cedar, half-bearclaw Sitka top; Multi-scale fretboard
Concert Classical
   Monkey Pod and slip matched Cedar; Multi-scale fretboard; wireless stereo microphone and proprietary pickup system
One of my favorite parts of designing and building a new guitar is the rosette.  I've always made my own original rosettes, each different, each unique.  Sometimes m goal is elegance; sometimes it is humor.  
Once I was confident about the voice of my instruments I was able to indulge my basic nature as an artist.  The details of a guitar may not make it sound better; however they do make it more fun to build and more fun when you open the case to play.

this stuff is under construction, please look away